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Time to ponder your future! Investing in property through Superannuation is simpler than you might imagine.

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Why Property Investment through SMSF?

Real estate investment through SMSFs presents a compelling option for Australians looking for stable, long-term investment opportunities. Unlike riskier investment avenues, property investment within superannuation offers several advantages:

Security and Stability

Real estate investments often provide a tangible and secure asset compared to more volatile investment choices, potentially offering stability and consistent returns over time.

Tax Efficiency

SMSFs offer tax benefits, including potential tax advantages on rental income and capital gains, subject to complying with tax laws and superannuation regulations.


Diversifying your superannuation portfolio by including property can help spread risk, offering a balanced mix of assets beyond traditional options like stocks and bonds.

Retirement Planning

Investing in property through SMSF aligns with long-term retirement planning strategies, offering a pathway for financial security during retirement.


It’s essential to understand that property investment through SMSFs operates within a regulated framework. Compliance with superannuation and property investment laws is crucial. Regulations dictate:

  • Strict rules on the type of properties that can be acquired.
  • Regulations around maintenance, insurance, and conducting arm’s length transactions.
  • Compliance with contribution caps, sole purpose tests, and trustee responsibilities.

Our Approach

At Facto Financial Group, we provide factual insights into property investment through SMSF, ensuring adherence to regulations while exploring this investment avenue. Our integrated team of mortgage brokers, real estate agents, financial advisors, and accountants works cohesively towards a unified goal: support your decision to pursue property investment through SMSF by providing the comprehensive tools necessary for your peace of mind and confidence.

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